Tutorial Lasersight :: METAMOD PLUGIN


Deixa as armas com mira laser

Você precisa ter instalado o MetaMod ou AdminMod
Baixe o LASERSIGHT.zip
Dezipe lasersight_mm.ini para "c:\sierra\half-life\cstrike\addons\lasersight".
Dezipe lasersight_mm.dll e lasersight_mm_i586.so para "c:\sierra\half-life\cstrike\addons\lasersight"
Abra o metamod.ini no NOTEPAD e adicione as seguintes linhas:

win32 addons/lasersight/lasersight_mm.dll
linux addons/lasersight/lasersight_mm_i586.so

Copie e cole essas linhas abaixo no seu server.cfg/listenserver.cfg (servidor dedicado e não dedicado respectivamente)

//Enable/Disable lasersight plugin [1/0]
lasersight_on 1

//Enable/Disable lasersights [1/0]
lasersight_beam 1

//Enable/Disable laserdots [1/0]
lasersight_dot 1

//Sets whatever enemy teams see your team's beams [1/0] (detectes CS/DOD/TFC/Op4CTF teams)
lasersight_enemysees 0

//Sets width of lasersight [default: 1.0]
lasersight_beamsize 1.0

//Sets size of laserdot [default: 1.0]
//If you want dots to match with beam witdh use value 0.125 here
lasersight_dotsize 1.0

//Set what ever plugin shows player's own lasersight (Only works well with listenserver-client) [0/1]
lasersight_show_own_beam 0

//Set what ever plugin shows player's own laserdot [1/0]
lasersight_show_own_dot 1

//Enable/Disable own dot/beam position fix [1/0]
lasersight_fix_own_position 1

//Allow player to hide/show beams for theimselfs (only if beams are enabled for everyone)
lasersight_allowsetoff 1

//Message shown to player when he/she hides beams with 'hidebeams' say command
lasersight_hidingbeams "Hiding lasersights (other people still can see your beam)"

//Message shown to player when he/she shows/unhides beams with 'showbeams' say command
lasersight_showingbeams "Showing lasersights"
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