CS 1.6 recebe atualização NA STEAM

Valve atualiza o giganteadormecido!

A VALVE anunciou hoje um pacote de atualizações para o Counter Strike 1.6, por incrível que pareça, depois de quase 5 anos sem updates. Após a atualização do jogo, muitos usuários estão encontrando dificuldade para acessar o game, portanto, abaixo você poderá ver o que de fato mudou no jogo, as atualizações e como corrigí-las.

[ Updates ]

- Fixed crash when changing video modes under windows
- Removed support for A3D sounds from the engine, this API is not functional on current Windows OS releases
- Removed legacy D3D renderer, assorted OpenGL improvements in the beta make this older API not supportable
-Enabled hud_fastswitch on mouse wheel movement for Counter-Strike
-Fixed fans not rotating after being in a level for more than a few minutes
-Added "-nofbo" command line option to let you disable using the new method for rendering
- Added "-nomsaa" to let you disable MSAA effects being applied to the games output, setting "-nofbo" also implies "-nomsaa".
- Fixed not doing the HTTP fast download path if you canceled a download and then reconnected to the same server
- Fixed drowning damage being applied after respawn in some cases
- Fixed malicious clients being able to upload certain new files to servers
- Fixed some scripts sounds not playing
- Added option to disable use of HD model packs in Video tab of options dialog
- Fixed mp_fadetoblack not applying after a flashbang is thrown (Counter-Strike)
- Fixed fullscreen software mode rendering incorrectly
- Added cl_min_t and cl_min_ct convar to let you control the model used when cl_minmodels is set, the value of the cvar is the model index to use (Counter-Strike)
- Fixed keyboard options dialog showing incorrect key names on non-QWERTY keyboards
- Fixed crash when typing in certain unicode characters
- Fixed voice chat sometimes not transmitting properly
- Allowed the toggleconsole command to be properly rebound
- Fixed alt-tab not working correctly, the game window is no longer forced on top
- Added "cl_mousegrab" cvar, if set to 0 then the game will not grab the mouse. This may be needed to enable alt-tab with some Linux window managers. You can also add "-nomousegrab" to your command line to disable mouse grabbing.
- Fixed error on launch loading mss32.dll under Windows
- Fixed hang on startup causing a black screen to display on OS X and Linux
- Update Server Browser display to match behavior of Source engine products
- Fixed crash when spectating players
- Fixed config files being written to the wrong folder, they are now always saved to the directory of the mod you are running. For Half-Life 1 this is "valve" and for Counter-Strike 1.6 this is "cstrike". You may lose some settings from this transition if you changed your configuration in the last couple of days
- Don't unpause the game when dismissing the Steam overlay if the game was already paused
- Allow mouse sensitivity to go down to 0.2 (from the previous floor of 1.0)
- Fix say and say_team commands using wrong characters on non-US keyboard layouts
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[ Correção de alguns bugs ]

- Ao abrir o jogo, o mesmo fica com uma tela verde? Se sim, coloque no arranque do jogo, o seguinte comando: -nofbo

- Dentro do jogo, o seu FPS está acima de 100? Desmarque a opção Wait for Vertical Sync (como na foto acima)

Fique atento no tópico para mais informações sobre o novo pacote de atualização da Valve.

o que é esse "arranque do jogo"?

é quando inicia o seu jogo ele ja manda sua configurações...

oo meu ta ____ fica uns mancha branca embaixo da tela
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